AMONG US Meme Olympics

Nov 14, 2020
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  • 3 months since the last meme olympics. Good to be back :)

    LazarBeamLazarBeam5 months ago
    • Lazarbeam is back

      Noe VasquezNoe Vasquez16 days ago
    • @Sidemen shorts sure bud

      Bashar SlibiBashar Slibi22 days ago
    • Now it’s been four months

      Bashar SlibiBashar Slibi22 days ago
    • @Kohen Izaiah Trying it out now. Looks promising :)

      Brandon BraxtonBrandon BraxtonMonth ago
  • I lost the game

    CannonbalzCannonbalzDay ago
  • Egg

    Pigeon MeatballPigeon Meatball2 days ago
  • round 1 lazer second round 2 lazer second round 3 lazer second round 4 lazer first round 5 lazer second

    Markus LissingMarkus Lissing3 days ago
  • Can you add me in fortnite

    vondonvondon4 days ago
  • Where's the link?

    Samantha GraingerSamantha Grainger6 days ago
  • Lazar actually wearing shoes for one time

    Recer LeonRecer Leon7 days ago

    Dash McMilneDash McMilne7 days ago
  • Yo read lazar's shirt tannar (noun) The average person Nothing special though

    Jim TruJim Tru7 days ago
  • Golden FreddyGolden Freddy8 days ago
  • Amogus

    Chelsea SparksChelsea Sparks8 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    sandra Boltonsandra Bolton9 days ago
  • 10:30 the body was red but at 10:34 red was still alive

    Noah LawlorNoah Lawlor10 days ago
  • The placid place conformably collect because eyeliner neatly trap towards a unarmed gore-tex. helpless, good department

    siavash halimisiavash halimi10 days ago
  • 107-1099=???

    chris campbellchris campbell11 days ago
  • The only reason that lazarbeam lost was because he so good at the meme Olympics that they decided to make him lose

    Blaze_Gam3rBlaze_Gam3r12 days ago
  • we need more meme olympics

    Martin NealMartin Neal14 days ago
  • Omg this was so interesting....

    Its RandomIts Random14 days ago
  • Could you pls make a new one

    Jack WesselinkJack Wesselink16 days ago
  • E

    Ej RuizEj Ruiz16 days ago
  • 2021

    Electra HarveyElectra Harvey16 days ago
  • in round 5 there were 2 reds tf

    AshAsh19 days ago
  • Make a meme olympics merge

    80Ninja ajniN0880Ninja ajniN0819 days ago
  • I just realised he's wearing his sister's merch I don't know if it's tannars merch but JUST SHUT UP OK I'M STUPID GEEZ

    Chelsey BoboChelsey Bobo20 days ago
  • lazarbeams litterally just like us he wears shorts under his hoodie while streamin

    Manas KesarlaManas Kesarla20 days ago
  • um i wanna say really quick fresh's monster is better than yours

    Manas KesarlaManas Kesarla20 days ago
  • Says no money involved Continues to advertise monster ledgends

    Natedog 470Natedog 47024 days ago

    Ninja21 AKAYNinja21 AKAY24 days ago
  • amogus

    Tucker CordozaTucker Cordoza26 days ago

    pluisje van dijkpluisje van dijk27 days ago
  • llokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Stephen GribbenStephen Gribben27 days ago
  • Rust meme olpypics

    Rejected SinnerRejected SinnerMonth ago
  • The best video to watch on your birthday! :)

    Aarav VidyarthiAarav VidyarthiMonth ago
  • Fall Guys died so quick they did not have enough time to make a Meme Olympics

    Max SchreiberMax SchreiberMonth ago

    Josh FarnsworthJosh FarnsworthMonth ago
  • oh i have him the lazarbeam monster

  • The gorgeous weather psychologically look because stage posteriorly deserve next a steady reduction. important, handy sauce

    Tina DanielsTina DanielsMonth ago
  • November 14 is my birthday and that’s the day this video came out

  • If I were u I would start an emergency meeting AnD say y is my name red

    Connor SpencerConnor SpencerMonth ago
  • todoroki was my friend

    vanessa perez lugovanessa perez lugoMonth ago
  • imagine you vote yourself at *first one to get voted off wins*

    Vladsmear PuddinVladsmear PuddinMonth ago
  • Lololololololololololol

    JB GamerJB GamerMonth ago

    Mark ShimwellMark ShimwellMonth ago
  • Jj

    est hackerest hackerMonth ago
  • 4:35 nice shorts >_

    MR-_- WeeTBiXMR-_- WeeTBiXMonth ago
  • Hi

    Ryan VandRyan VandMonth ago
  • Looks so like you XD

    SSMonth ago
  • Me: *Hears a Brand deal* Also Me: *Skip 1 minute ahead*

    Gil EllisonGil EllisonMonth ago
  • lazar the bot hehe

    MrGoostMrGoostMonth ago
  • monsterlegends = dragon city?

    StelthStriker786StelthStriker786Month ago
  • It would have been hilarious if lazarbeam killed Alex at lights.

    VenomousBr3ath23VenomousBr3ath23Month ago
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Claire KempaClaire KempaMonth ago
  • Yi yeet

    Maddox Mahoney-MillerMaddox Mahoney-MillerMonth ago
  • Lazar literally got top 2 in every round

    Alpha WolfAlpha WolfMonth ago
  • Seeesswwaeee

    Mason the mooseMason the mooseMonth ago
  • I like ur shorts Lazar beam

    William HamiltonWilliam HamiltonMonth ago
  • Just try to get stabbed 1:18

    TikTok M.H.A Gatcha GamingTikTok M.H.A Gatcha GamingMonth ago
  • wut the fuck are ur shorts🤣

    Eddie FrostEddie FrostMonth ago
  • -9:26

    Mr AnimatorMr AnimatorMonth ago
    • My game

      Mr AnimatorMr AnimatorMonth ago
  • could you make a ninja mod

    Elizabeth NoborikawaElizabeth NoborikawaMonth ago
  • Where is the dolerydos

    Kelsey LanierKelsey LanierMonth ago
  • you’re the best USworlds or ever

    Kamar AbdelzahraKamar AbdelzahraMonth ago
  • On it there was a charcter from MHA ( Todroki it was from MHA )

    Jacqui ChallisJacqui ChallisMonth ago
  • I wish Mau and mcreamy did this no offense Alex and nogla

    Jordan BlackJordan BlackMonth ago
  • Fun fact: theres two Ftesh's in this vid, ad the word "frisk" is danish for fresh

    Benjamin Hymøller SchneidersBenjamin Hymøller SchneidersMonth ago
  • You

    Parker CareyParker CareyMonth ago
  • I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.. IM IN THE VIDOE! IM SO HAPPY! (Btw I’m the todoroki in the last round I was so confused and just thought they were fake)

    hailey rowlandhailey rowlandMonth ago
  • 🤐😬😮😔

    Steph curry 3 pointerSteph curry 3 pointerMonth ago
  • Did anyone realize his shirt that says tannar.

    Soccer girl LoverSoccer girl LoverMonth ago
  • op

    CoolSamCoolSamMonth ago
  • Hi I’m a fan about your among us videos

    Ana FacusseAna FacusseMonth ago
  • Lol

    Kai CooperKai Cooper2 months ago
  • anybody notice how LazarBeam is wearing tannas merch? or is it just me?

    SummerXXrobloxXXgachaSummerXXrobloxXXgacha2 months ago
  • I added the scores up and lazarbeam actually won

    Gmans PotatoGmans Potato2 months ago
  • Random fact: I own the same pair of shorts that lazar wears in the vid

    Lucas CrispyLucas Crispy2 months ago
  • YEET

    Detective MonkeyDetective Monkey2 months ago
  • Hi

    Koby Epic GamesKoby Epic Games2 months ago
  • Did anyone else see that red killed and then they found a red dead body but he was still alive?

    Mahu987Mahu9872 months ago
  • meme olympics more like memelympics

    jstiphoutjstiphout2 months ago
  • try vr like mully

    Ernesto IsassiErnesto Isassi2 months ago
  • Lol lazerbeam

    Kelly CampagnaKelly Campagna2 months ago
  • My son name is ace. 😃🇦🇺

    TTV_ESTAidz _YTTTV_ESTAidz _YT2 months ago
  • you wernet wearing lucky ninja underwear

    armelle casauarmelle casau2 months ago

    Stellar Cinema & Old SerialsStellar Cinema & Old Serials2 months ago
  • Lazar u r my idle

    Tiny dude Rj SmithTiny dude Rj Smith2 months ago
  • Goooooo meeeeemmmmmmeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss

    Tiny dude Rj SmithTiny dude Rj Smith2 months ago
  • im still playing Cookie Clicker

    The Toilet DemonThe Toilet Demon2 months ago

    XxAstroCoopxXXxAstroCoopxX2 months ago
  • TobyYT 49TobyYT 492 months ago
    • Lazar is the king of memes

      TobyYT 49TobyYT 492 months ago
  • His monster is ginge

    nikplayz192nikplayz1922 months ago
  • bro watch this in 0.25 speed lmao

    orangetheballorangetheball2 months ago
  • I am done

    Tiana simsTiana sims2 months ago
  • Anyone gonna notice the Hamilton line @6:44...? That musical is a fucking masterpiece! Does lazar like it?

    Random UserRandom User2 months ago
  • Who misses the old intro "what's up you bloody legends

    bobux manbobux man2 months ago
  • 4:35 nice shorts

    JaidenshahJaidenshah2 months ago
  • Fun fact: this video was uploaded on my birthday

    GetSnipedGetSniped2 months ago
  • i know Alex he also plays moltuyplayer piano

    Gramma RobinsonGramma Robinson2 months ago
  • Lazar: No money on the line Bottom right: *Includes Paid Promotion*

    German SpecialistGerman Specialist2 months ago
  • The holy meme olympics😇

    Matthew EllisonMatthew Ellison2 months ago
  • Aren’t you happy you son won

    Fresh SonFresh Son2 months ago