Teaching MY DAD Fortnite

Oct 18, 2020
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lazarbeams dad plays fortnite very funny
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  • My dad is my hero so i hope you enjoy this wholesome content

    LazarBeamLazarBeam5 months ago
    • He is so sweet i love him so much

      HanzIsAGoodDog 35HanzIsAGoodDog 35Month ago
    • YEET

      Gillian ShooterGillian ShooterMonth ago
    • @Tumford mm

      Dennisdailycom1Dennisdailycom13 months ago
    • Your dad is my hero too kkkkk

      Thiago CoutoThiago Couto3 months ago
    • I sure did

      WrangWrang is meWrangWrang is me3 months ago
  • This is so funny

    June ScottJune ScottHour ago
  • So dam wholesome lazardad

    peculiarcrabpeculiarcrab8 hours ago
  • 5:59 theres a llama

    Noah CollinsNoah Collins12 hours ago
  • He is good

    Sarah CooperSarah Cooper13 hours ago
  • Lol

    Sarah CooperSarah Cooper13 hours ago
  • lannan’s dad is better than me at fortnite

    Beefy StewBeefy Stew17 hours ago

    UltraDD PlayzUltraDD Playz22 hours ago
  • Its not lazar Dad anymore is FaZeLazarDad now

    Just ZxmateoJust ZxmateoDay ago
  • Most wholesome thing ever

    Shrek DonkeyShrek DonkeyDay ago
  • Get the old boy back on the channel, fucking savage

    squidgymop1squidgymop1Day ago
  • Eventually he will learn to speed build

    Almighty NuggetAlmighty NuggetDay ago
  • Omg his dad is so cool

    HundeLetsPlayHundeLetsPlayDay ago
  • Bloody legend

    Taylor DrumsTaylor Drums2 days ago
  • He’s beter that my dad!😂

    Ramon ZeegersRamon Zeegers2 days ago
  • Poggers

    Jayden BibbyJayden Bibby2 days ago
  • did no one notice the llama

    Logan HudonLogan Hudon2 days ago
  • Your dad is a fortnite war veteran

    Torodoki ShotoTorodoki Shoto2 days ago
  • I have costco i have a fortnite player= your free kid

    Elijah SamuelElijah Samuel2 days ago
  • Hi

    Picklepiejim GamingPicklepiejim Gaming2 days ago
  • Love you lazar best USworldsr

    Joey The footballerJoey The footballer2 days ago
  • wholesome father

    Arkan Nerazzurra AstanaArkan Nerazzurra Astana2 days ago

    Galaxy GamingGalaxy Gaming2 days ago
  • I play on controller aswell

    Steve QuinnSteve Quinn3 days ago
  • 5:34 is funny

    Brendan LindsayBrendan Lindsay3 days ago
  • #6:00 there was a llama.

    Stream SharkzStream Sharkz3 days ago
  • His dad is cracked

    Eric GamesEric Games3 days ago
  • ur dad is cool and pro

    Eleftheria VlachopoulouEleftheria Vlachopoulou4 days ago
  • Hi

    Reid PotterReid Potter4 days ago
  • lazar lazar's father is so wholesome btw I have the lazarbeam fortnite skin and I have the skin, skin styles, and cosmetics as my wallpaper

    Dans RoweDans Rowe4 days ago
  • It would be funny if fresh would comment Dang grandpa going x games mode

    Meme ClanMeme Clan4 days ago
  • Dadbeam is so great Edit: father beam sounds better

    GamingWithJaysenGamingWithJaysen4 days ago
  • Tannar in the background: oH gOoD sHoT dAd.

    Really CoolReally Cool4 days ago
  • He is so funny

    Bobbi ThompsonBobbi Thompson5 days ago
  • He is beter then me 😂😂😂

    Isabel RuizIsabel Ruiz5 days ago
  • I saw a lama

    Rene SnyderRene Snyder5 days ago
  • R.I.P Lama

    omg ggomg gg5 days ago
  • Well done lazar dad!

    Maximum RebelMaximum Rebel5 days ago

    5 inches Poo5 inches Poo5 days ago
  • If i let me father play he just quit and he never do it again LOL

    Niek ten HoopenNiek ten Hoopen6 days ago
  • Lazar dad is better then fresh

    Koy ZiemanKoy Zieman6 days ago
  • i cant stop smiling, if your depressed watch this stuff, cant make me stop smiling :)

    Rusty The RobotRusty The Robot6 days ago
  • I started playing on phone but this was hilarious 🤣

    Ema and HectorEma and Hector6 days ago
  • When LazerDAD kills the last player Lazarbeam was screaming and ten second later LazarDAD I GOT HIM!!

    123HUTS123HUTS6 days ago
  • did anyone realize there's a llama @5:59

    Games CubeGames Cube6 days ago
  • You missed a loot lama

    Oliver HillierOliver Hillier6 days ago
  • you are the best son and Lazarbeam's dad should treat Lazerbeam better and his channel but you are also a good dad

    IpIp6 days ago
  • Tell your father that he’s doing good

    Toby HestonToby Heston6 days ago
  • Lazar:you taught me how to fish when I was little Dad: I did?

    Hunter WilliamsHunter Williams7 days ago
  • Ya mom is better than you

    milky animationsmilky animations7 days ago
  • I luv dis vid but deres won tink away from makin it perfect da u guys played wit bots only

    sky playssky plays7 days ago
  • FaZe Dad

    Curry36Curry367 days ago
  • Lazar's dad is CRACKED

    Saucy _Saucy _7 days ago
  • so cute

    5munu5munu7 days ago
  • Controls players are hackers

    Ryan’s WorldRyan’s World7 days ago
  • U look like fresh in this vid lazar

    Darcy Rad DudeDarcy Rad Dude7 days ago
  • Lazarbeam where is your mom?

    Snowy MountainSnowy Mountain7 days ago
  • That guy got killed by a LAZARS DAD

    Golden Touch_12Golden Touch_128 days ago
  • u should do squads w u ur dad and fresh

    Luk 1909Luk 19098 days ago
  • Your dad is so crack he is beeater then you girlfriend omg!!!!!!!!!!!

    Albert CarmichaelAlbert Carmichael8 days ago
  • I feel your pain lannon. My dad asked me to teach him how to play fortnite. Its takeing months. Rip

    apthro- mecapthro- mec8 days ago
  • Where is his grandson

    Potato PlayzzPotato Playzz8 days ago
  • Lazar dad goat better than fresh

    Miguel GarciaMiguel Garcia8 days ago
  • Controller

    Exotic ElixirExotic Elixir8 days ago
  • Im your fan

    melisasalkicmelisasalkic9 days ago
  • You’re dad is good at fortnight

    Holly ClarkHolly Clark9 days ago
  • Like... Son like... Father?

  • Lazarbeam's dad is cracked at fortnite my guy

    SkeetSkeet9 days ago
  • 5:59 llama

    Bridget ButlerBridget Butler9 days ago
  • When he was building I thought he was building a house

    Ashlynn ArrantsAshlynn Arrants9 days ago
  • is fresh his brother or somthing

    Teresa FoxyTeresa Foxy9 days ago
  • Yeah ur dad is a god at this game

    Sasuke The shadow HokageSasuke The shadow Hokage10 days ago
  • your dad is a god at the game

    Brooks CordalisBrooks Cordalis10 days ago
  • Lazar you dad is the legit dope

    Jesper OcchialiJesper Occhiali10 days ago
  • Is it me or i saw a lloot llama when they were driving the car

    Oliver CampbellOliver Campbell10 days ago
  • Why where all of them basically ais?

    maidenly_knight 7maidenly_knight 711 days ago
  • 5:58 spotted a lama

    Simra KausarSimra Kausar12 days ago
  • Lazarbeam has become fresh

    ShadowShadow12 days ago
  • Bonding when little is called fishing.... but with lazar its AHHHHHHHHHH SHOOT! SHOOTS!

    ZELLOZELLO12 days ago
  • When his dad’s better than me

    Braden MullaneyBraden Mullaney12 days ago
  • 5:59 the llama

    Dominic ShekDominic Shek12 days ago
  • Lazerbeam seems top say yeet more then getting wins

    Riah vicRiah vic12 days ago
  • Lazarbeam looks like younger fuse from apex legends

    TuckPlayzTuckPlayz12 days ago
  • 9:12 I got him on accident! The dad said

    Kay PickhinkeKay Pickhinke13 days ago
  • lazar beam are you playing in a bot lobby

    stephanie williamsstephanie williams13 days ago
  • Lazar dad better than me btw

    Yong Wei KianYong Wei Kian13 days ago
  • Lazarbeam dad is cool

    Mystic-MessMystic-Mess13 days ago
  • You should make more with you’re father

    Ann Sjoegren-ErichsenAnn Sjoegren-Erichsen16 days ago
  • Look at the meters away that he killed a guy at 6:45

    ryan kriekleryan kriekle16 days ago
  • 0.48 was that a ps5 controller

    xx23 zachxx23 zach16 days ago
  • WOW i never new that lazar's father is better than lazar

    4Real 334Real 3316 days ago
  • 5:59 I saw a llama

    Fenton WilliamsFenton Williams16 days ago
  • I wish you can do more vlogs

    Taym MTaym M17 days ago
  • He’s bloody lost!!!

  • When is father is better than me......

    Alex WoldAlex Wold17 days ago
  • Wholesome content is wholesome

    Amara LeeAmara Lee17 days ago
  • You are aš

    Alina LisauskieneAlina Lisauskiene17 days ago
  • Am I the only one who noticed the lama

    Casey idiotCasey idiot17 days ago

    Dominyk 2009Dominyk 200918 days ago
  • I feel bad for the guy who elimed at the end

    Iggins Wiggins Of AndrewIggins Wiggins Of Andrew18 days ago