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Oct 28, 2020
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  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Hdynamite 360Hdynamite 360Hour ago
  • In 2060 history in school we going to de learning about tiktok

    Zeb FuseZeb FuseHour ago
  • It’s the guy from fortnite

    Gavyn TaylorGavyn Taylor3 hours ago
  • Use code lazar or you eat poop/fortnite.

    Kallum SterlingKallum Sterling3 hours ago

    Jack ShinerJack Shiner4 hours ago
  • i realy love lazerbeam im am board

    Finley WabeFinley Wabe4 hours ago
  • 3:20

    TCchickenTCchicken5 hours ago
  • Me to

    Lukas DitchburnLukas Ditchburn6 hours ago
  • poor mully y fell bad

    cristina babahoyocristina babahoyo7 hours ago
  • Is anyone going to Acknowledge the fact that he said the n word

    SilentBlitzSilentBlitz7 hours ago
  • When I am bored I just go to lazar beam and because it is so good I turn my frown to yeet

    Andy GeogheganAndy Geoghegan9 hours ago
  • Iam bored too Lazarbeam

    Meshari AlsaidiMeshari Alsaidi11 hours ago
  • bored

    Baha AlhassaniBaha Alhassani11 hours ago
  • I’m board I’m board are you ready for some tic toks

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer12 hours ago
  • i am boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    fortnite is goodfortnite is good12 hours ago
  • Laser beam there so funny

    Molly-Rose BlackshawMolly-Rose Blackshaw16 hours ago
  • When your dad take away your phone and you pay back him 5:48

    J.C. KkJ.C. Kk16 hours ago
  • When you talk back to your mom 5:47

    J.C. KkJ.C. Kk16 hours ago
  • When your mom took your ps3 5:49

    J.C. KkJ.C. Kk16 hours ago
  • "Playstation 5, different numbers but the same Playstation 3 for me"

    abeera HQabeera HQ17 hours ago
  • My dad was eaten a long time ago because he under fed my dog 🐶

    gus currellgus currell17 hours ago
  • Bruh 3:01

    riven wannaberiven wannabe17 hours ago
  • my sister always say that ''im bored''

    Inplay FrancisInplay Francis19 hours ago
  • At this time the vid has exactly 500k likes. P.S. Congratulations LazarBean on 18 million😂😂👍😁

    Jackson ProvoJackson Provo21 hour ago
  • The one thing Abraham Lincoln really wanted was a Moustache

    Samuel De VliegerSamuel De VliegerDay ago
  • holy shit

  • ya icecream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Mandy BearMandy BearDay ago
  • lazarbean doesnt sound much different than lazarbeam lawl

    Mike DarlingMike DarlingDay ago
  • I’m bored to

    Tyler HarperTyler HarperDay ago
  • Are You Ready For Some TikTok

    Zach HargreavesZach HargreavesDay ago
  • Hi

    chrovaxchrovaxDay ago
  • me too

    J and H LJ and H LDay ago
  • if you ever feel like an idiot remember that over 5,000 people disliked this video

    Carter FosterCarter FosterDay ago
  • here re the gretest words in history *PoLiSh DaT DAm TuRd*

    Jeremy O'KeefeJeremy O'KeefeDay ago
  • 4:19 when it's your lil brothers birthday

    Patrick MartinPatrick MartinDay ago
  • If u want to see zombie game its zombeast

    death of reaper dogdeath of reaper dogDay ago
  • I feel bad for mully

    DaxNBryson PettiboneDaxNBryson PettiboneDay ago
  • Joe Biden loves his sister!

    Dynamite XDynamite XDay ago
  • Me bout to cough to cover my fart but i realize its covid

    Tracy OsborneTracy OsborneDay ago
  • 2:53 thats just me

    Twan Renselaar, vanTwan Renselaar, vanDay ago
  • Imagine that actually happened to lazerbeam he be like F off mate

    The BinchickenThe BinchickenDay ago
  • I love lazbem

    Jenna MorrisJenna MorrisDay ago
  • cool vids

    Judith LeesJudith LeesDay ago
  • Who has a coooooooovid=coment ninteen who has a, canne coro welcome ti da group

    The epic DogeThe epic DogeDay ago
  • The smal dogs are bad cuz they ewil

    The epic DogeThe epic DogeDay ago
  • Btw the diet dog is a dumb challenge cuz i have a cane corso so i gave him the rest of da food it were like 100g. He was barking on the bowl

    The epic DogeThe epic DogeDay ago
  • 4:15

    Stef TufonoStef TufonoDay ago
  • Ps the french in vented a lot of weapons aka they will kill you

    Donna LeighDonna LeighDay ago
  • When I saw Abraham Lincon I remembered that he was the 16th president before I remember his name

    Turtle MonTurtle MonDay ago
    • I dont blame you his was forgettable to me he did good I just didnt care about him

      Captain CrackerCaptain Cracker18 hours ago
  • Endigo sent me, I AM READY FOR SOME TIKTOKS

    501st legion501st legionDay ago
  • Just a gang of thes with uzi's

    Clayton TaylorClayton TaylorDay ago

    Just A Cute PenguinJust A Cute PenguinDay ago
  • wow a dancer is more popular than the man who freeded the slaves wtf like if you agree that that is just plain dumb

    JonahRotenGamingJonahRotenGamingDay ago
  • The ice cream licking the man made me lmao

    Aidan StubbsAidan StubbsDay ago
  • Thanks for shouting me out I appreciate it

    Aidan StubbsAidan StubbsDay ago
  • I’m bored is the best

    Aidan StubbsAidan StubbsDay ago
  • YEET

    Jack TalemanJack TalemanDay ago
  • wtf is at 8:35

    AlxenatorAlxenatorDay ago
  • Hu

    Strawberry cow EditsStrawberry cow Edits2 days ago
  • 4:05 It’s Biden reading googled questions about him being reacted by a music player being reacted to by a lazarbeam being reacted to a me on the toilet

    Orange DoggyOrange Doggy2 days ago
  • Sorry mully jk

    Alexandros KanellosAlexandros Kanellos2 days ago
  • I did this time

    FishyFishy2 days ago
  • I am Bored laser beam

    Carrie ReedCarrie Reed2 days ago
  • Me:I’m bored WANNA WATCH TOK TIKS WIT ME!???!!!!!!

    Raed AbdullahRaed Abdullah2 days ago
  • Well How Interesting, When I'm Looking at the likes there is apparently 499,499 likes, lol

    MeOpticBoiMeOpticBoi2 days ago
  • Lazarbeam brought tiktok back lazarbeam brought tiktok back yeet whats going on guys yeet whats going on guys. :)

    Pranav ParamanandhanPranav Paramanandhan2 days ago
  • The first one is so good

    Elaine EldersElaine Elders2 days ago
  • did anyone else notice his red cable that used to be yellow

    Sasha BeleySasha Beley2 days ago
  • That green thing will haunt my dreams

    Robert BuchananRobert Buchanan2 days ago
  • i love im bored

    big chanelbig chanel2 days ago
  • 3:32 3:33

    Chriscraft828 !Chriscraft828 !2 days ago
    • 3:33

      Chriscraft828 !Chriscraft828 !2 days ago
  • 3:22

    Chriscraft828 !Chriscraft828 !2 days ago

    Patrick CornahPatrick Cornah2 days ago
  • Welcome back to I am bored with lazer beam qorten edishon

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  • I'm bored I'm very bored

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  • Best channel ever

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  • IM BORED!!!!!!!

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  • Wait if we came from monkeys well why are there still monkeys on planet earth???

    Daniel McAllisterDaniel McAllister2 days ago
    • @Daniel McAllister how old are you

      PleaseBlockHitPleaseBlockHit2 days ago
    • Also I'm not bored anymore

      Daniel McAllisterDaniel McAllister2 days ago
  • Hat was that red and blue thing

    The great Whaley whaleThe great Whaley whale2 days ago
  • Hi

    Cydney LewisCydney Lewis2 days ago
  • 4:19 I think sherk has a kid:ooo

    Lam CinthLam Cinth2 days ago
  • lazerbeam be like "im bored" me be like " IM BORED REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    Liz DurazoLiz Durazo2 days ago
  • So in America we have state testing and this is getting my mind off of it thank you so much I love your videos

    TwizzlerTwizzler2 days ago
  • Why is Lazar Beam so scared about Abraham Lincon like ur not american ur Australian

    Cute PotinCute Potin2 days ago
  • 1:10. kammmaaaaaaa hhhhhaaaammmmaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Sierra SmithSierra Smith2 days ago
  • Dude best series ever

    cole breauxcole breaux2 days ago
  • I love lazrbem

    Gabriel SpokelyGabriel Spokely2 days ago

    Carcar 300Carcar 3002 days ago
  • Love your videos they’re so funny! I am bored with lazarbeam

    Sloane steinbergSloane steinberg3 days ago
  • I'm from Africa yet I know Abraham Lincoln😂😂

    Badass GamingBadass Gaming3 days ago
  • You don’t no Abraham Lincoln because of that dang phone

    Koloryyy FCAKoloryyy FCA3 days ago
  • He looked liked trevor phillips when he said ya ready for some tiktoks like this ur with me

    Charlie walkerCharlie walker3 days ago
  • The is not growing to hello u u are dimontized in Evy video

    crazy ogcrazy og3 days ago
  • in lazarbeam's tiktok the guy who caught the pumkin (not lazar) looks like he pooped his pants.

    Arya BhuktaArya Bhukta3 days ago
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