TIKTOKS that made me laugh

Jan 31, 2021
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that time of the month... i am bored
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  • I subscribed in memory of the mullet!

    luca evansluca evans47 minutes ago
  • I'm getting your merch

    Gunner ReedGunner ReedHour ago
  • 2:23 dude there brother and sister

    William Afton UwUWilliam Afton UwU2 hours ago

    The JackadooThe Jackadoo4 hours ago
  • RIP mullet😭

    Official_clyplsON YoutubeOfficial_clyplsON Youtube5 hours ago
  • Rip mullet

    Lauryn RussellLauryn Russell6 hours ago
  • Hahahahah sooooi funny

    Geraldine HillGeraldine Hill8 hours ago
  • Like in the respect of the mullet.

    SrbyvSrbyv9 hours ago
  • Wow that is stopping you from getting the right people in a job where you can be

    poodle 1624poodle 162414 hours ago
  • You give us one of the best tik toks

    George TheodorouGeorge Theodorou14 hours ago
  • RIP mullet

    neno gamerneno gamer16 hours ago
  • No one likes your mullet

    Itslewie HehItslewie Heh21 hour ago
  • When the kid skating fuckin commited life stop I was eating ice cream and it came back up from how hard I was laughing dood

    Heidi RobertsHeidi Roberts22 hours ago
  • The Easter bunny IS real 🤩🤩💕

    Sienna PapasSienna Papas22 hours ago
  • You need to start vlogging again, that would be amazing! :)

    Gamer GladiatorGamer GladiatorDay ago
  • No the mullet

    Justin PlummerJustin PlummerDay ago
  • Me not liking videos me always liking Lazars videos

    MK_ NuzyMK_ NuzyDay ago
  • Your the best you tuber out there

    majeĺla Carberrymajeĺla CarberryDay ago
  • Oh mi GOSH!!!! I love your videos!

    Lily BreeseLily BreeseDay ago
  • did any one notice that the girl said i bought my brother ........WHAT

    Hani HamoHani HamoDay ago
  • Not the Millet!! 😭

    Marcel RademacherMarcel RademacherDay ago
    • Mullet

      Marcel RademacherMarcel RademacherDay ago
  • How do you get such funny TickTock‘s will you do more because they’re so funny but hard to find well the good ones at least

    Peyton LarsonPeyton LarsonDay ago
  • Mullet

    santino dsantino dDay ago
  • You’re the best mate love your vids

    daniel plinstondaniel plinstonDay ago
  • rip mullet

    Sacha TeeuwSacha TeeuwDay ago
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😂🤣😇🙃☺🥲☺🤭😝🤗😗🥲☺☺😉🤭☺😋😝😍😝😋☺🤫☺🤫☺🤫☺😋

    Jayden DorwardJayden DorwardDay ago
  • :)

    Reece DawsonReece DawsonDay ago
  • rip

    layton thr33sunslayton thr33sunsDay ago
  • Khan baba in his channel wow!🤣😂

    The PhoenixThe PhoenixDay ago
  • Now that is what I call a big bunion heavy mother colossus fat baby right there beautiful absolutely beautiful 🤩 2:37

    Steve ValdezSteve ValdezDay ago
  • its not even the videos that were funny, it was the face expressions u made, the comments u made and the way u edited it that made it funny

    ViviViviDay ago
  • You make my day

    Amy ClarkAmy ClarkDay ago
  • i grew a mullet for you

    Al HurstAl HurstDay ago
  • That wasn’t just a big dude that was biggie cheese

    Fade BoiFade BoiDay ago
  • Bro did she say that was he was her sister and they started making out

    Ethan MolesEthan Moles2 days ago
  • It looks better

    Christian MilaskicsChristian Milaskics2 days ago
  • 3:12 The guy probably had it so that he held the dog inside the bowl while the bowl was being lifted up, making it look like the dog disappeared.

    Megan FalconeMegan Falcone2 days ago
  • 6:37 this is a robbery

    Adam CaswellAdam Caswell2 days ago
  • 😭😭😭

    Ratnik_SvetlostiRatnik_Svetlosti2 days ago
  • 😭

    Ratnik_SvetlostiRatnik_Svetlosti2 days ago
  • RIP Mullet😔

    Jared LangeJared Lange2 days ago
  • R.I.P mullet

    Elaine EldersElaine Elders2 days ago
  • Mullet

    John NugentJohn Nugent2 days ago
  • I have a confession I hate

    John NugentJohn Nugent2 days ago
  • 3:56 just go no explanation just go

    Carlos PucCarlos Puc2 days ago
  • I am bored✝️🥵

    Jacob JonesJacob Jones2 days ago
  • Bet u don't get dem bunny's in Australia

    Matthew HandMatthew Hand2 days ago
  • lol

    Edden KleknerEdden Klekner2 days ago
  • 3:58 i regret humanity...

    Piggo StevPiggo Stev2 days ago
  • The only reason I liked is for the mullet

    Omar the epic BoiOmar the epic Boi2 days ago
  • I didn’t like the mullet

    Blake AckhurstBlake Ackhurst2 days ago
  • The way he said, where did the dog go

    faze wyattfaze wyatt2 days ago
  • lmaoooo

    MrGalaxynightMrGalaxynight2 days ago
  • Finally the mullet is gone

    Genjinaught68Genjinaught682 days ago
  • i just imagine the guy who covered himself in duct tape just ripping it all off 😂

    T4CTIC4LT4CTIC4L2 days ago
  • Yesssss! It gone!!!!

    Gage GriffithGage Griffith2 days ago
  • The mullet gone... everybody: "So sad " Lazar: 0:17 me: L I E S

    MİÑŤÝMİÑŤÝ2 days ago
  • She kissed her brother whatttttt

    Sky ClawSky Claw2 days ago
  • Girls: he didn’t cry at the titanic, do men even have feelings Boys when the pug couldn’t make the jump:* sobbing

    adit vallechaadit vallecha2 days ago
  • Stairway

    SoaR ProSoaR Pro3 days ago
  • woman: why your stlil here go away!! bird:imma commit suicide 1 minut later lazerbeam: rip bird

    Karsten EckelmansKarsten Eckelmans3 days ago
  • part man part duck tape all hero

    Rhonda ConstantRhonda Constant3 days ago
  • rip bird

    William HirschfieldWilliam Hirschfield3 days ago
  • lazerbeams the best

    William HirschfieldWilliam Hirschfield3 days ago
  • R.I.P mullet

    fishy boy tikofishy boy tiko3 days ago
  • NO!!! The mullet WHY!!!

    Xander FranciscoXander Francisco3 days ago
  • Hagrid

    CommentaryChickenCommentaryChicken3 days ago
  • Bring back the mollet

    letshego bletshego b3 days ago
  • RIP mullet

    OhThatsEpicOhThatsEpic3 days ago

    OhThatsEpicOhThatsEpic3 days ago
  • I love you 💙💙💙💙

    cia042gg jrcia042gg jr3 days ago
  • Big but

    Yoan GilYoan Gil3 days ago
  • wraith demonwraith demon3 days ago
  • ):

    wraith demonwraith demon3 days ago
  • 6:15

    Moose BillyMoose Billy3 days ago
  • I like you better without the mullet

    Mango CinamonMango Cinamon3 days ago
  • 2l

    mIcHaEl WellsmIcHaEl Wells3 days ago
  • I won my first win and I didn't exepect it cause it was my first game 😆

    Shylynn EversonShylynn Everson3 days ago
  • He cut his mullet

    Oompa LumpiaOompa Lumpia3 days ago
  • ...WHY

    Ken WarrenKen Warren3 days ago
  • Cardi b is just to funny

    Gravel LGravel L3 days ago
  • 1 like= 1 R.I.P for lazers long haired

    Stryker snipezStryker snipez3 days ago
  • Nnnooo not the mullet

    Charlotte MapleCharlotte Maple4 days ago
  • o7 for THE MULLET

    Old Spice Deodorant StickOld Spice Deodorant Stick4 days ago
  • what up

    TommobroTommobro4 days ago
  • I’m sorry i had to dislike cause u removed the mullet still love you man wait I don’t remember my first fort it’s win Cause I never had one :(

    Keagan MckiernanKeagan Mckiernan4 days ago
  • I am bored clicks on video Lazer beam I am board :me ...

    Landin HeadonLandin Headon4 days ago
  • bring the mullet back it was a trend setter

    walker rigginswalker riggins4 days ago
  • Immm boredddd

    The RidgesThe Ridges4 days ago
  • Test in please mullet

    Denny AllumDenny Allum4 days ago
    • I mean rest in peace

      Denny AllumDenny Allum4 days ago
  • Wait you had a mullet?!?!?

  • Ahh yes, this is the perfect video to recommend sweet home Alabama live on

    CrazyCaiGamerCrazyCaiGamer4 days ago
  • Me watching lazerbeam me looks for what I will watch next it Peppa pig recommended for me my brain huuuuuu 😂🤨

    Isabella WhiteIsabella White4 days ago
  • Grandma did u remember to take your pills

    Isabella WhiteIsabella White4 days ago
  • 4:16 Why😭

    Georgia KellyGeorgia Kelly4 days ago
  • u make the best vids

    Ray segoviaRay segovia4 days ago
  • That dude was like a sit down where's my money finally going to die that way he like

    Lucky JETTLucky JETT4 days ago

    Vertexon RVertexon R4 days ago
  • Birb is depresd: :( Gurl:gret owut Birb:swusided

    Mochi_mochi2 ParkMochi_mochi2 Park4 days ago
  • I am never gonna get over this

    Stewie MCPEStewie MCPE4 days ago