Wear My Skin = Donate $25,000

Apr 1, 2021
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in total we donated around $25k :)
good things happen when you use the lazarbeam skin!
Shoutout to all the streamers rocking the beam skin:
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🐤TWITTER - twitter.com/lazarbeam
📘 FACEBOOK - facebook.com/LazarBeamLannan/
📷INSTAGRAM - instagram.com/lazarbeamyt
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  • Good job you waste money good job

    Hi YaHi Ya3 seconds ago
  • Yes wast money

    Hi YaHi Ya33 seconds ago
  • You should sky base with the new wheels to stop fall damage

    Alexander HinspeterAlexander Hinspeter34 minutes ago
  • he insult frog i rly like frogs unsub >:(

    Sir PuggoeSir Puggoe36 minutes ago
  • I am truly dedicated my name is OutaheerZ

    Zac MarvinZac MarvinHour ago
  • lazarbeam: gets a skin* also lazarbeam: fucc dat shet im out

    Mezian FeatherstoneMezian Featherstone2 hours ago
  • Lazarbeam looks super healthy good on ya m8 :D

    ZealousZealous3 hours ago
  • LINDA DONATED 400000$

    Linda HortonLinda Horton4 hours ago
  • If you are subscribe to lazarbeam you are a bloody legend

    adrien grahamadrien graham4 hours ago
  • I feel a bit sorry for him. He does not seem the same as before, it is sad that the only way to get views is by playing fortnite. I hope he is good.

    Chris McLeanChris McLean6 hours ago
  • Anyone remember Gingy😪

    Infinite DripInfinite Drip10 hours ago
  • Seš borec

    honhej 1honhej 113 hours ago
  • Lazar beam please can I play with you one day 🥺

    Dylan ChowDylan Chow14 hours ago
  • Is this the new mrbeast?

    LTU AugustinasLTU Augustinas14 hours ago
  • Ok

    stefan9629stefan962914 hours ago
  • Lazar on crack 7:32

    R9 ŁógâñR9 Łógâñ16 hours ago
  • lol he gave money to owlert ive been watching owlert for like 5 months

    Anthony CotterAnthony Cotter16 hours ago
  • "f***. Sorry language, what the h***"

    Psychotics.Psychotics.17 hours ago
  • i love fornite but... more minecraft?

    demonsdemons18 hours ago
  • LAZARBEAM: I really want the battle pass since im like lvl 90 but can't claim like any of them. So since im poor and you have dat good good YT money I was hoping you'd be nice enough to get it for me. If you'd be kind enough, my name is Kaz_De_Spaz aslo use code lazar YEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    CreativeCreative18 hours ago
  • Good bye

    Ghost_3Ghost_320 hours ago
  • Lazarbeam you need to camp in a truck in till the final storm is right there, then start driving and kill the final people in the truck, do it when there 2 or one people left, I did in squads, by my self and it so funny I nearly won

    Aidan O'HaraAidan O'Hara23 hours ago
  • Haha Dvane’s reaction 😂

    hen kohen koDay ago
  • Lazar last video: protect the chicken! Lazar this video: I want to see another chicken die.

    MitoquimMitoquimDay ago
  • Lazarbeam is the new and evolved mrbeast and in Australia which is better lol

    BrXifyBrXifyDay ago
    • Does anyone else want dumbshit Science back

      hen kohen koDay ago
  • Tekmarr is a mini fresh

    BrXifyBrXifyDay ago
  • Hi

    Jedzabeth MercadoJedzabeth MercadoDay ago
  • Hi Bois making a new channel make sure to sub I’ll be making a video soon

    TernionTernionDay ago
  • Lazarbeam thick when I where it

    XxSAVAGE64XxSAVAGE64Day ago
  • 6:28 Lannan became a simp

    blue-_- spaceblue-_- spaceDay ago
  • Lazer beam come to mi hose now

    jasper Üidikjasper ÜidikDay ago
  • Lazerbeam the next Mr.Beast?????!!!!!!! XD

    ZurcTTVZurcTTVDay ago
  • Me and my sister found this meme a while ago you can put gas cans on cars and its really cool for the ones with the boot

    Lola WilliamsonLola WilliamsonDay ago
  • It’s better

    Jeevan ThomasJeevan ThomasDay ago
  • Fortnite is 🗑 play minecraft

    Jeevan ThomasJeevan ThomasDay ago
  • Plz

    Quinn HeskettQuinn HeskettDay ago
  • Hey lazar can you freind sullydarkknight plz? That’s my username and plz 1v1 me

    Quinn HeskettQuinn HeskettDay ago
  • Imagine he fell in the water😅😂

    MemezMemezDay ago
  • "I like seeing my face" -Lazarbeam 2021

    noob ninjanoob ninjaDay ago
  • Nice

    Dynamite XDynamite XDay ago
  • Does anyone else want dumbshit Science back

    P̶ I̶ Z̶ Z̶ A̶ シP̶ I̶ Z̶ Z̶ A̶ シDay ago
  • He’s definitely getting sick of fortnite

    thatkidthatkidDay ago
  • 6:41 ooohh aaa a haaaaa hwaaaa foowaahh ha ha ha daaaa

    opzz xsinopzz xsinDay ago
  • Leave a like if you like lazarbeam and fresh or put this👇 if you hate them

    kela thompsonkela thompsonDay ago
  • Can you add me in fortnite

    Sulaiman FairweatherSulaiman FairweatherDay ago
  • remember when lazarbeams first name in fortnite was SelloutOnUSworlds? Lol, good times.

    Jelly FortniteJelly FortniteDay ago
    • 3 subs

      Jelly FortniteJelly FortniteDay ago
    • true that

      Jelly FortniteJelly FortniteDay ago
    • Where’s the meme Olympics season 6

      opzz xsinopzz xsinDay ago
  • Doesn’t gifting subs give twitch half the money?

    xZenoxZenoDay ago
    • its kinda sad

      Typek KLEKSTypek KLEKS10 hours ago
    • yes

      Typek KLEKSTypek KLEKS10 hours ago
  • Your the only legend in minecraft that i know

    Electric bladeElectric bladeDay ago
    • *You’re

      Tahsan ZahidTahsan ZahidDay ago
  • Anybody else notice how lazar is now a streamer btw

  • When they had to keep saying code lazar I thought they were saying cold lizard

    President RatPresident RatDay ago
  • U should have done 100 subs if they wore the lazarbeam merch irl lol

    Damyantheboss 11Damyantheboss 11Day ago
  • Now at this point whenever I stream I am going to kill every chicken in my path.

    Re-VengeRe-Venge2 days ago
  • Lazarbeam fight tommyinit revenge for killing dream in minecraft

    Electric bladeElectric blade2 days ago
  • I’m wearing your skin

    Giovanni The CoolKidGiovanni The CoolKid2 days ago
  • Yeet

    Mastermind ytMastermind yt2 days ago
  • god this is still a thing jesus fortnite is cancer and needs to go

    shomelshomel2 days ago
  • The LazarBeam skin shall never die

    CrazyHairEthCrazyHairEth2 days ago
  • Lannan: no f words Also Lannan: f that frog

    grape juic3grape juic32 days ago
  • Rip Lazerbeam's Bank Acount

    Gamer KenanGamer Kenan2 days ago
  • Join this for the meme

    Bernard BanksBernard Banks2 days ago
  • Where’s the meme Olympics season 6

    Nathaniel PichardoNathaniel Pichardo2 days ago
  • Woah your a real one for this

    SumyunggeeSumyunggee2 days ago
  • Code: Lazar

    Jetbtw 777Jetbtw 7772 days ago
  • My mother didn't let me buy it with my own money f in chat 😭

    peculiarcrabpeculiarcrab2 days ago
  • I'm wearing that skin right now

    197919792 days ago
  • I still wear ur skin

    Jeremy DurbinJeremy Durbin2 days ago
  • the first guy had 71,000 arena points

    Zynx FNZynx FN2 days ago
  • I am

    True AustralianTrue Australian2 days ago
  • Omg LOL

    AvxliieAvxliie2 days ago
  • lazarbeam? more like lazarbeast

    noah bosnoah bos2 days ago
  • 4:29 This guys reaction to the dono

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy2 days ago
  • The sharp warm demographically book because carp lamentably untidy minus a upbeat answer. rightful, well-off jail

    David ZeidanDavid Zeidan2 days ago
  • The historical tsunami thessaly peck because powder appropriately snow off a possessive turret. many, therapeutic lentil

    michael raadmichael raad2 days ago
    • R.I.P the chicken eaters the population is decreasing in fn

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy2 days ago
  • That was oneaway from Max height

    MrAsadourMrAsadour2 days ago
  • Ok that's weird

    Twitch KEKLTwitch KEKL2 days ago

  • Everyone use code lazar in the item shop if you don’t use it your not a fan I use it because he is my favourite youtuber.🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Duckoverlord WDuckoverlord W2 days ago
  • I were your skin laser beam but I’m not a streamer

    Ryan PorporaRyan Porpora2 days ago
  • Hi

    UnjustableUnjustable2 days ago

    jim da fishjim da fish3 days ago
    • Do be true tho

      jim da fishjim da fish3 days ago
  • For are legend live for ever 999/JUICE WRLD❤❤❤❤

    Sad aidenSad aiden3 days ago
  • Lazar you should get into rocket league

    C SC S3 days ago
  • I love how 2people were wering the same shirt irl

    parrot Boyparrot Boy3 days ago

    Arn 518Arn 5183 days ago
  • ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ

    gp -_-gp -_-3 days ago
    • And no one asked

      DÆTH椹엌煵DÆTH椹엌煵3 days ago
  • Nec monut

    Not ClippyNot Clippy3 days ago
  • lazarbeam please can i have 50 k robux in roblox im trying to save up for valkrie but it will take years for me since its 15 dollers for 800 robux please help me out

    trisztyntrisztyn3 days ago
  • I wish i was as rich as you

    Jon BonJon Bon3 days ago
  • R.I.P the chicken eaters the population is decreasing in fn

    Gan BatteGan Batte3 days ago
  • R.I.P the brave chick -chicken eaters

    Gan BatteGan Batte3 days ago
  • Code Lazar

    The SSG ChannelThe SSG Channel3 days ago
  • use code LAZER

    Cool KidsCool Kids3 days ago
  • 6:41 ooohh aaa a haaaaa hwaaaa foowaahh ha ha ha daaaa

    Ess3nc3 ShroopEss3nc3 Shroop3 days ago
  • Mrbeast gives 50000, lazarbeam and mrbeast collab, Lazarbeam donates, coincidentally I think not

    SweatsHateMpSweatsHateMp3 days ago
  • can you donate money please i’ve subscribed liked the video it’s my first time being a USworldsr

    Jayden hughesJayden hughes3 days ago
  • 7:38

    Mikey GamingMikey Gaming3 days ago

    Vion BoulVion Boul3 days ago
  • 7:53 YEET RM

    MichaelMichael3 days ago
  • Wasup bwo jk it’s tiko I mean lazarbeam

    TikoTiko3 days ago
  • Lazar beam is streaming and their giving people money to the people who has the skin Quick stream

    Pan- CakePan- Cake3 days ago